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SWAP Associate Members

An Associate Member of SWAP is defined as a business that supplies goods, equipment, or service to the automotive industry.

The association was founded on the principle that by joining together we can advance the common interests of all our members. We are a broad-based organization that includes independent repair shops, collision shops, tire dealers and towing providers along with vendors to the industry.

As an associate member of SWAP you will have the opportunity to network with decision-makers and market your product/service through our publications, social media, chapter meetings and events. It is critical to keep your name out in front of members, so you’ll be top of mind when they are looking for products or services. Your company will be listed on our associate member website page where you can add a video introducing yourself, promoting your business or highlighting an offer. This video can be updated quarterly.

Advertising is only available to members. You will have the opportunity to submit content to be included in our email newsletter, updates and social media posts each month. This allows you to keep your company involved. We continue to update our website offering new information as a way to bring members back on a regular basis.

Our annual Sunrise Automotive Training & Expo is the largest gathering of automotive professionals in Arizona for a weekend of training, networking, entertainment and fun. As we grow into the southwest it is our goal to become the largest automotive training event in the southwest! Sponsorship opportunities are available for your participation... this is the event you will want to be a part of each year!. Your support is what our members are looking for. Joining together helps us all grow and strengthen the automotive industry for small business owners across the southwest and the country.

Please contact our Executive Director, Diana DeLeon via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text/call (602) 910-0081 with any questions.

**Associate memberships may be limited in categories in order to provide a balance of businesses. Applications will be reviewed and verified prior to acceptance. Acceptance of membership is not an endorsement or recommendation of the company applying for membership. All members are expected to uphold the highest of ethical standards in promoting their product/service. Other companies providing the same product/service may be members of the association.


PO Box 81517, Phoenix, AZ 85069 | (602) 910-0081

PO Box 81517, Phoenix

AZ 85069 | (602) 910-0081