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Membership T & C

I, the undersigned, hereby apply to be a member of the Southwest Automotive Professionals. As a member of the Southwest Automotive Professionals, SWAP, I will abide by the association’s bylaws and the SWAP Code of Ethics. I understand that membership in SWAP is non-transferable, and I must remain current with my dues to be a member in good standing. I understand that signs, decals and emblems remain the property of SWAP and are only leased to members. I understand that if I discontinue my membership that I must immediately cease using any association promotions, logos or materials. I also understand SWAP membership dues are deductible as a business expense for federal income tax purposes but are not deductible as a charitable contribution.

By completing the online registration I agree this constitutes an electronic signature. I hereby authorize SWAP to charge my credit card as listed below for my annual membership dues. I understand that this term is legally binding as described. I further understand that this authorization will remain active until SWAP has received my written termination notification by mail (which becomes effective at the next renewal term). I agree to notify SWAP if alternative payment arrangements need to be made prior to terminating this agreement.

PO Box 81517, Phoenix, AZ 85069 | (602) 910-0081

PO Box 81517, Phoenix

AZ 85069 | (602) 910-0081